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At Zinafe TV, we passionately believe that what we watch and input into our lives really matters. That is why we have made our mission to bring to you programmes from all the UK branches.

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Revd Patches Chabala

Finish What you have begun

God is challenging you to grow spiritually. As fellowship we have to grow in our knowledge of Christ, so we can grow inside out, so God can be glorified.”

Revd Canon L Mutete

The Death of Conscience

Conscienceis a person’s knowledge of yourself when it comes to your own moral sense or feelings of right and wrong.

Zinafe South Coast Branch Launch

Zinafe has grown remarkably in the past few years. In a foreword speech, Dr Tinozivashe Zhou, said it had never been more important for the members to finish their religious race right.

Mai Nyatsanza

A Little Rain Will Fall

By interrogating your life honestly, you will find out what it is that is stopping you from remaining under God's covering.

Dr Kate Smith


Reflections by retired medical Doctor, Dr Kate Smith living and studying in Zimbabwe. She is at the Domboshawa Theological College in Harare.

Sister Patricia

Chechi Irikumirira

Go into the places only devout Christians are familiar with. Raise the spirit that open the mind into what being a Christian is all about.

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