Zinafe South Coast

Zinafe South Coast

Zinafe South Coast Branch Launch Report

The 11th of August 2018 was a historical day for Zinafe South Coast . St James-by-the-Park, Southampton, was a hive of activity as people gathered at this beautiful church for a special event. People travelled from far and wide to witness the launch of the South Coast branch.

{ Writes Arthur Chagadama | Photos by Humphrey Chitsike }

Zinafe South Coast Branch
Members of the Zinafe South Coast Branch

There was much groundwork and preparation prior to the BIG day. The South Coast branch is a new home for people who reside in Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. There are many Anglicans of Zimbabwean origin who reside in this region. Their attendance was a clear testimony that they are seeking a familiar home. In deciding to start a branch, it was not only for logistical reasons, but was driven by the passion to engage others in outreach and evangelism.

Inspiration for the day

About 150 people were in attendance. The event was blessed by the presence of Revd Patches Chabala, Revd Martha Mutikani and Revd Canon Lameck Mutete. We were warmly welcomed by Deacon Paul Thaxter on behalf of the vicar, Dan Clark. It was important to start with a Communion Service, which symbolises the new covenant given by God to his followers. Revd Chabala gave an inspirational sermon which focused on the mission, purpose, growth and expectations of the branch. He stressed emphatically that after the launch, it is vital for the branch to remain visible in providing ongoing support to the community. He further warned us that with any new initiative, one of the challenges of a branch leadership is fostering understanding and interest among the members.


The committee and the members of the new branch were presented to the attendees. There was a lot jubilation. Revd Mutete gave a message of advice and support. We deeply appreciate the messages of hope and solidarity we received from the new Zinafe National Executive chairman, Men’s Fellowship, Mothers Union and the two branches, South East and South West, where most of the members were drawn from. The choir really made a difference in making this a memorable event.


Offering food, no matter how plain and small, is part of our elementary hospitality in the Zimbabwean culture. Sharing a meal is a social event where thoughts, experiences, and emotions are shared. The new South Coast branch was adequately prepared. The attendees were invited to partake in a buffet meal and I have no doubt that everyone had something to eat. We even encouraged everyone to take home some packed lunches.

Our Services

In summary, it was such a wonderful and successful event. We are excited to make St James By the Park Church our home. It provides us with an exciting atmosphere we were looking for. We are so grateful to the leadership of this church, and will forever cherish their hospitality. I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all who managed to come and celebrate with us and also to thank all the people who were involved in putting together the event.

We know what a huge effort it took to make this first event so great. We had so much fun from the beginning to the end. I would like to encourage you all to come to our services. We planned to hold services or bible study every second Sunday of the month starting at 2pm. May God bless you abundantly.

Contact us

Zinafe South Coast Branch

Services: Every 4th Sunday of the Month
Time: 2pm
Address: St James-by-the-Park, 133 Church Street, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5LW
E-mail: zinafesouthcoast@gmail.com
Telephone: 07951 269 667
Chairperson: Arthur Chagadama (Mr)

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