Zinafe Team

We are a diverse team in a complex world, and we seek to be Christ-like, celebrating the light of Love and bringing Light into darkness.

Our team comprises of Clergy, Lay Leaders and a council led by Mr Zhou.

Team - Our Clergy
Team - Revd Canon Lameck Mutete (Zinafe Chaplain)

Revd Canon Lameck Mutete

Zinafe Chaplain

Team - Mr Zhou (National Chairperson)

Dr Tinozivashe Zhou

National Chairperson

Team - Mrs Nyatsambo (Mothers' Union Chairperson)

Mrs J Nyatsambo

Mothers' Union Chairperson

Team - Mr Nikurawu Men's Fellowship Chairperson

Baba Nikurawu

Men's Fellowship Chairperson

Our Clergy

  • Revd Canon E Bhasvi
  • Revd T Musiwacho
  • Revd M Mutikani
  • Revd D Madzimure

Our Lay Leaders

Mrs R Madzorera
Luton & Aylesbury Branch
Mr L Kandi
South East Branch

music director

Sister P Chiwandire
Luton & Aylesbury Branch

Get in Touch

For more information please call us or send us e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Address TBA
  • Telephone: TBA
  • e-mail: zinafedesk@gmail.com
  • Leeds
  • LENO
  • London
  • Luton & Aylesbury
  • Newcastle
  • North West
  • Sheffield
  • South Coast
  • South Coast
  • South West
  • The North
  • Zab

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