South West Branch - Bristol

The South West Branch Welcomes you.

South West Branch, Touch Me Not‘Welcome to our Church Family, the South West Branch. As a group of God’s people we care about you and your family. We are not here not only to feed you spiritually, but to help in any way we can. We love doing it and that is why we exist.

Lets us cultivate and grow meaningful and positive relationships between another but also go further by getting and growing in relationship with God. As we worship God’s risen son, we hope that God will touch your lives in special ways and enable you to have the peace of God inside your hearts always’.

Mr Leslie Shriridzinomwa (Chairperson)

We meet every six weeks in Bristol. Your can download our calendar HERE!

South West Branch Priest


Canon Edias Basvi


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St Ambrose Church

Stretford Road




" ‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and light of my path. May God’s virtue surround us all in his light. His word lights our paths and guides us as he illuminates our way’. "

- Psalm 119:105