Living Christ purpose filled life

Living Christ purpose filled life

Living Christ purpose filled life

By Rev Martha Mutikani

Paul says Be careful how you live – not as unwise people but as wise making the most of time because the days are evil- we need to understand the will of the lord. The purpose of Christ in us is to feed the world that is hungry with Christlike attributes.

Rev Martha Mutikani


Our world is full of bread and yet far too many live hungry, empty, and searching. That says something about our appetites and the bread we eat. It’s a sure sign that the bread we have eaten cannot give real life. It is perishable bread that nourishes only a perishable life. It leaves us wanting only more of the same.

Prayer without action grows into powerless pietism

The food that endures is Jesus himself. He is the bread that is broken and distributed for the life of the world. He is the bread that consecrates those who believe in and eat him. The act of eating the bread is transferred from the body to the soul, and the soul is represented as feeding upon Jesus as the bread of life.

Believe in Jesus

When we believe in Jesus- we fully surrender to him by eating, his word into our lives, we live a Christ purpose filled life. We see ourselves and one another as persons created in the image and likeness of God rather than as black or white, obstacles or issues to be overcome. Trust the silence of prayer rather than the words of argument. Choose love and forgiveness rather than anger and retribution. We relate with intimacy rather than defensiveness. The purpose filled life of Christ sees that Prayer without action grows into powerless pietism.

Living Christ purpose filled life

{ Shona service at St Andrew’s, Westcliff }

When we have been fully consumed by Christ the bread of life we realise that to pray means to stop expecting from God the same small-mindedness, which we discover in ourselves. To pray is to eat and drink Christ and to simply, without holding back say, “I am human, and you are God.” I come to you, l look to you, l believe in you- Lead me to your purpose.

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