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LENO - East Midlands Branch Welcomes you.

LENO MemberZimbabweans residing within the East Midlands and surrounding areas are welcome to our services. The acronym LENO stands for “Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire”. We are a vibrant fellowship community and our hope is that you will feel welcome among us, whether you come to visit or to join us.

Ms C Danga, (Chairperson)

LENO members naturally engages with all other Anglican churches and organisations within the region. Our congregation has a remarkable spirit of openness and vitality. We delight in a faith that is ever new and infused with a message for the needs and concerns of our contemporary world.

To get involved in any aspect of LENO life, please contact us using the contact details bellow. We meet on a bi-monthly basis.

We do not have a resident priest although we get invaluable support from our ZINAFE clergy mainly alternated among Baba Madzimure, Baba Basvi and Baba Mutete.

The services are staggered throughout the East Midlands area as our worship services vary across the area. You can see the services here as venues are announced prior to each service.

South West Branch Priest


Canon Edias Basvi


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Venues are announced prior to each service.
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ALTERNATIVE EMAIL: lenosec1@gmail.com

" ‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and light of my path. May God’s virtue surround us all in his light. His word lights our paths and guides us as he illuminates our way’. "

- Psalm 119:105