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Anglican Youth of Zimbabwe 2018 Conference.

AYZ Conference 2018

Anglican Youth of Zimbabwe building relationships that last with Christ.

Zinafe Events AwardsZimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship (Zinafe, UK) believes in giving our youth in church something to look forward to and the chance to build relationships that last in Christ. This means coming up with creative programming that young people enjoy.

Why Youth

In the modern world, it is imperative that we prepare young people to take a full and active role in the Church. They need to be empowered in order to ensure that our society is engaged in making the world a better place. Not Only that: Our youth needs personalities that help with personal development and relationships. Our objectives as Zinafe includes:

Our Objectives

  • Raising self-esteem for our youth
  •  Setting out well-being goals and encourage active lifestyles
  • It enables students to gain new perspectives on life
  • Challenge and develops new skills, competitions, academic, spiritual and social so as to gain a new perspective on life and encourage teamwork.

'Our young people are determined to make a difference.'

Young and Blessed

The presence of young people in the church is often taken for granted. Why? Because it takes a lot of understanding and work. It takes a lot more work to arrange activities they may like and also to come up with dynamic subjects they like to discuss. BUT IT'S WORTH IT!


That's why Zinafe, UK endeavors to provide you cutting edge technologies to get the young people engaged in church activities, discussions, and programming ideas. Can't beat that with a stick!


Gloria Ratsakatika (AYZ Chairperson)

Young and Blessed Youth Group

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