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The Anglican Young Adults (“AYA”).

Anglican Young Adults (AYA) represents persons in their late twenties and thirties (married or single, divorced or widowed, with or without children) who wish to remain as part of the Anglican Church and Fellowship if they do not fit into any of the established ZINAFE guilds such as Youth, Mother’s Union or Men’s Fellowship based on age, marital status or other circumstances.

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Shingirai Mhindurwa (AYA Secretary)

"The closeness we share is priceless... We inspire and encourage each other and our faith lives on."

- Sister Patricia CZM


Young adults in the UK generally face a lot of challenges. These range from disenchantment to indifference to the Church and Fellowship as a result of various factors, including but not limited to, different life experiences and the pressures of society. AYA seeks to recognise, welcome and connect with young adults in a non-threatening environment and a manner which will suit the different subgroups within the AYA guild.

Whilst keeping in mind the goals of the Church of England and Zinafe, UK Fellowship, AYA is a guild for young adults who meet and network with others of a similar age, mind-set and background through regular planned meetings or events. It is a place for friendship, support and unity in faith; as well as a place where prayers and teachings can be articulated and related to their experiences.

Rue Kandi (AYA co-Treasurer)

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God knows that this is the journey of your soul. Reconnect and rediscover yourself again.

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