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Vision 2020


Our vision is to be Christ centred Fellowship where people have the freedom to find hope and to be transformed.  We are a diverse community in a complex world, and we seek to be Christ-like, celebrating the light of Love and bringing Light into darkness.

And Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” (Mathew 9:37)

Zimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship - Mothers Union

Guided by The Holy Spirit

Experience God's Wisdom each day as you are lead by the Holy Spirit. Walk effortlessly into success and happiness and understand the Father's love for you.

Zimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship - Men's Fellowship

Irresistible Grace for men.

Jesus came and fulfilled the laws, the only one who could keep the laws so that in Him we can be made righteous and not have to suffer death for our sins.

Zimbabwe National Anglican Fellowship - Youth

Faith Develops Perseverance

It may sound good to Mankind to be self-occupied. But God wants you to be Christ-Occupied and receive all of your blessings through resting in the work of Jesus.


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